The Male Orthopedic Ward has relocated to its new building named “Fatima Umma Zaria Dantata” Orthopedic on 1st July, 2019.

The Chief Nursing Officer and Ward Manager of the Unit, Mr. Nathaniel Dogo said the reason for the relocation was due to the challenge of insufficient bed space in the old Orthopedic Ward.  He further said that prior to its relocation, they share the same ward with Neurology and that triggered the need for their own independent ward.

Speaking, the Head of Department Nursing Services, Muhammad Ali Garko, revealed that the Ward was built by the Dantata Family to support the Community and promote community development.  It has 20 bed spaces with no Amenity rooms. He further said that the delay experienced in moving into the new ward was as a result of inadequate Nurses.

Similarly, the Department of Medical Social Work has also relocates to its new building located opposite the General Outpatient Department of the Hospital on 20th July, 2019.

The Head of Department of Medical Social Welfare said the new complex was built and donated to the Medical and Social Welfare Department by the Al-Ihsan Foundation in collaboration with Systemspec.

 Mallam Abdullahi explained that since the Department was established in the 80s they were sharing the same office block with Catering Department.  He said the complex has five big offices that accommodates three Welfare workers in each.

He then called on philanthropist to come in and build a transit camp for patients and their relations who were referred from other States and catchment areas and have no place to accommodate themselves.