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The Ophthalmology Department of the hospital in collaboration with the hospital Management has celebrated its 3rd edition of world Glaucoma day in the 14th March, 2019.

The exercise was aimed at creating awareness encouraging people to come for screening and to teat those found with the disease.

Over 200 people were screening with various ailments and about 200 people were diagnosed with different types of glaucoma.

The Head of the Department Dr. Sadiq Hassan said that glaucoma is of different types and causes which include Congenital glaucoma, Primary Open Angel Glaucoma (POAG) and secondary glaucoma which may occur as a result of other diseases that may affect the body like diabetics and hypertension among other causes.

Treatment given to the patients ranges from medications surgery and combination of the two.

He added that glaucoma is a hereditary disease in which patients with the history of the disease are phone to inherit it.

Glaucoma normally occurs from the ages 40 – 60 years and therefore advised people to always visit the hospital for regular check-up

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